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Sunday, Sep 1 2013 - I hate this. I just wrote this charming blog entry

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and hit the wrong button and now it's GONE:bang: I am such a ditz:bang::bang:

Today I actually went for a walk just for fun. It wasn't a long walk, but I did climb a steep hill. It took me a little over 20 minutes -- partly because I am pathetically out of shape and partly because I stopped to collect aluminum cans. I must say, some of the town inhabitants (college kids) know how to drink a little beer!:laugh5:

Then I went shopping for essentials--food, a toilet paper roll holder, some light beer, and a little bit of deli food. I rarely eat out (I'm too cheap) or drink out (same reason), but I do cook (and drink sparingly) at home:thumbu2: In fact, tonight I made some ham and black bean soup that was AWESOME:clap:

I also spent some time reading cases and organizing my notes. Lots of work, this law school endeavor. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm doing here, but I'll figure it out. One thing about it, the stuff is so darned INTERESTING -- something that probably makes me a little bit weird:cross2: I just can't believe it's normal to LIKE reading Supreme Court opinions.

Tomorrow I'm going to:
>>1. Do laundry (but first I have to get some quarters)
>>2. Find a new place to park at school
>>3. Finish up reading/notes/briefs for Property and Torts
>>4. Do this short and not very tough assignment for Legal Writing and Research (what a weird class)

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a year ago

Your life is like an adventure to me; so full of promise..and it's kind of exhilirating to know you are doing this with your ancient cat and with hubby being miles away..talk about getting out of your comfort zone!
I suspect that if you are getting so much out of reading those opinions you are where you need to be..how awesome is that???
Pretty freaking awesome.
So is that ham and bean soup you made; I bet it would pair nicely with a beer.
Good for you for going up that steep hill; it's resistance training that will make your muscles stronger and protect your bones-good going!!!:thumbu2:

by SOMARA627