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Tuesday, Sep 3 2013 - Almost done for the day

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Today was a long day for some reason. I didn't have that many classes, but it just seemed to drag on and on.

Property law was interesting and the professor is a terrific lecturer. We are still talking about some fundamental principles based on REALLY OLD cases--talking about killing foxes and whales and ducks in the 1700-1800's and who owns what and why. The point is not about killing animals, though that seemed to be the basis of a lot of the original cases. At the end of the day, it was all about establishing stability in society so that a market economy could work. Fortunately we are getting ready to move on to exciting (and newer) stuff that isn't quite so politically incorrect. Plus we are getting ready to move on to logic and the law and Socratic syllogisms, analogies, generalizations and all of the rhetorical conventions that are part of a lawyer's toolbox. I suspect this will be challenging.

Tomorrow will be a long day: four classes back-to-back with just a short break for lunch. Sheesh--this feels like working for a living. The good thing is that classes don't start until 9:30 so I have some time to review before this marathon gets underway. I think I'm prepared for Civil Procedure and Contracts--all I need to do is print some stuff off to get ready for class. I still need to review for Torts and Property, but I've read the material and briefed the cases so a once-over should do it.

One good thing is that I have found a much better place to park -- no stairs or anything. I just walk inside and there are the classrooms. I can stash extra books in my car so I have time to swap out between classes and still get in a potty break and maybe a quick snack.

I did get in a short walk this morning. Actually it was the same walk I've been taking, but I just did it faster -- 14:37 instead of 23:?? It was a big improvement in time. Now I just need to do it twice a day and then maybe make it a little longer on the weekends? The weather has been perfect, so that has been a real plus.

I don't know how my eating has been. It's mostly been a quick snack bar in the morning and then another snack bar at lunch. My dinner has been a little flexible, but not too bad. I'll see what my weight looks like in the morning and go from there.

Well, I'm whipped so I'm packing it in for the night. Tomorrow is another day.

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