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Monday, Sep 9 2013 - Woke up for some reason

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My back is a little sore, though much better with the new mattress:thumbu2: So I'll drink a "spot of (herbal) tea" and compose my thoughts. While waiting for the tylenol to work:)

This was a good weekend. Larry came up to visit -- I've really missed him! We've been married a long time and it's weird to live somewhere without him. It was different when he left because I had my home and all my stuff. This time I left, and the situation is entirely different. Talk about a sexist approach to change:frog:

My weight hasn't been doing so good. Nor my exercise. Nor my food choices.:barf3: However, I must admit that the Mexican dinner Larry and I had on Saturday was outstanding, and the "Mexican Volcano" (sort of a pina colada) was really yummy! But, in general, I need to do better than this. I did eat reasonably at dinner tonight -- just had a PORTION of lasagna and a piece (1) of bread with a little light spread. Not two portions and not two pieces of bread though I admit I wanted to.

Tomorrow morning I am going to "weigh and measure" though I expect that will be really depressing. But I need to know where I'm starting so I can figure out where (and how) I need to go. Then tomorrow after class I'm going to fix some rice and exercise while it's cooking. I think I'm going to fry an apple and some onion and a vegie kielbasa to mix with my rice; for lunch I'm going to take some of the bean salad I fixed--it should be about ready to eat since I fixed it a week or so ago. Tuesday I'm going to visit AnyTime Fitness and start working on rehabbing my knee and shoulder -- it's hard to have any credibility with Larry when I tell him to work on his rehab if I don't do it myself:nono5:

I had an epiphany while I was sleeping. I think on these excerpted cases I need to do a "quick-and-dirty" FIRAC outline, probably by hand (or on my computer). I haven't been very efficient on this, and I need to get better at it. I actually woke up thinking about Vosberg v. Putney (spelling is a little iffy on this), Raspijic (even iffier) v. Nationwide Insurance, and Neal v. Neal-- I realized that that I realized what I needed to do to get ready for class; it shouldn't take long since I've read these cases about 10 times! In each case the ISSUE is INTENT -- not necessarily the intent to harm but the intent to touch; the FACTS in each case are the source of the nuances that distinguish the cases. I can do this: I'm smart and I have a bunch of experience; I just need to get my system figured out.

Tomorrow I want to ask Professor EagleWoman about the Twombly case. And maybe Iqbal depending on how the class goes. I think I'm beginning to get a handle on how they fit into the Rule 8(a)(2) standards, but I would really like to make sure I'm on the right track.

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a year ago

Sounds like you are really embracing the classes Cecily..so exciting!
I'm struggling with the food intake myself; my problem is portion control..really tough for me.
I know I need to change and accept the portion control reality..why I keep working out and thinking I can just eat as much as I want when the scale and the mirror do not support this assertation is crazy.

by SOMARA627