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Thursday, Sep 19 2013 - First thing

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I did this morning was to get up at 5:30, take my morning pills, set up the shower curtain, and row for 10 minutes. The first three items were pretty easy, but the rowing almost killed me--my legs hurt, my knees hurt, my back feels tired. But the upside is that I DID IT!!!:clap: Just as planned which is a first for me, at least as far as the past couple of years have gone. However, long journeys start with the first step (or some such trivial and cliched nonsense:thumbu2:).

I am now enjoying that wonderful first cup of coffee of the day and taking time to talk to someone -- even if it's me. In a few minutes I'm going to work on briefing Kunz (I tried last night, but I was too sleepy to get anywhere with it). And I'm going to have some breakfast -- I think a couple of WASA with a slice of cheese and maybe a slice or two of turkey pastrami. Then I'm going to pack my lunch and assorted school stuff so I can get a move on toward the day.

Evening ----
Well, I'm whipped. My food today was OK -- well within calorie limits. I think I'm about to fix a cup of tea and head off to bed with Southworth v. Oliver. . I read through Civ Pro and don't have a clue, but it will come. I may work on it with some serious seriosity this weekend. I also need to crank something out for my Property class by 5 p.m.--I don't need to work to hard on it, just accomplish something that is legible and turn it in. Tomorrow is Friday (TGIF!!!!). This weekend I really need to get that paper for LW&R outlined and put together -- it's due Monday at 9:30 a.m. AND, I am going to get some outlining put together -- especially for Property and Torts and Contracts. We have a Civ Pro partial outline for the first part of the class -- I just need to get it brought up to date.

Tomorrow morning is going to go the same way. I am going to get up and row for 10 minutes. I am also going to get the dishes washed so the kitchen looks and smells better. (YUCK!) Tomorrow evening I am going to the Co-op for some groceries -- not much, just some bread and maybe a little salad of some kind. I may fix myself a hamburger for dinner tomorrow:)

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