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Sunday, Sep 22 2013 - Sunday with Leo Kottke

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Listened to his monologue on the "book on jungle diseases" -- sort of like pornography: each picture is more disgusting than the last but you can't quit looking:frog: Well, I guess that one deserved a smiley face of some kind:eyebrows:

OK, on to the real stuff. I swear that I am caught up. And now what the hell am I supposed to do. Larry won't answer the phone, Betty-the-cat has been in bed all day (she just woke up to get fed), I don't have a TV, and I am kinda lonesome for some kind of interaction with someone. This is so weird: I sound like a country song.:music2: And not necessarily a good one.

It's getting sort of late, so I am going to head off to bed shortly. I am going to get my life in order somehow. This is just a short term thing; I'm just being weird.:dork2:

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