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Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 - Tomorrow

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I really am going to get up, go to the bathroom, get naked, and weigh. THEN I'm going to have my coffee.

Tomorrow is my long day -- starts at 8, ends at 3:30. So I need to make sure I have lunch and snacks packed. Otherwise, I will be late and behind all day--and hungry! Dinner is planned -- stir fry with some tofu and vegies. Lunch will probably be a tuna sandwich and an apple; I'll take some baby carrots and cheese for a snack. Okay, now I have a plan.
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Amazing. I not only planned my lunch/meals for tomorrow, the lunch is actually packed and ready to go. Have I turned over a new leaf?

I need to go read for tomorrow. I have the feeling that we are due for a quiz or to have briefs collected.:rolling1: I can prepare for Con Law before class, but Statutory Reading MUST be done tonight. Criminal Law is not much, though I expect the final to be challenging.:bigeyes3:

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