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Wednesday, Mar 26 2014 - A new day

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I have been doing Positive Changes tapes (borrowed from my DH). I think they are helping -- at least so far I have less urge to eat things I know I shouldn't and am more interested in F&V. I also am beginning to have an urge to exercise, something that has been absent for awhile.

One thing I have come to realize is just how angry I have been over the way things have turned out in my life. I have been angry over the direction my career has taken; I have been angry about the PKD progression. I have been angry about having to move to Moscow (even though that hasn't been all bad); I am angry about how much time my MIL sucks out of my DH's life and leaves so little time for me. Being angry has made me eat too much and become way over-weight; and being overweight has made me angry as well. (Now there's a vicious circle if I ever saw one.):bang::bang:

Today I did weigh -- 217.2 first thing this morning. Not exactly what I wanted to see, but it's just a number and a starting place. It will eventually come down, but it is what it is and I am not going to get all mad and frustrated about it. It will change.:thumbu2:

Today is a long day -- starts at 8 and drags on until 3:30. And it includes 4 classes and 2 meetings--feels a little like working at HP where we had meetings to plan meetings to plan meetings.:cross2:
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I survived today, and a mighty long day it was. Once I got home, I took a nap and then (gasp) I went for a short walk. I think I am about to go watch some tube -- maybe watch Lincoln Lawyer with Betty and then hit the sack around 10.

Tomorrow I have stuff to do -- a bit of reading for class and get to work on my brief. I am ready to really start writing this thing -- it is getting rather tiresome and I am ready to start writing the real thing.:cool1:

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