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Thursday, Mar 27 2014 - Past Wednesday

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Yesterday was trying, but today will be OK. The upside is that it's only one more day after today until the weekend.:smile1: This will give me lots of time to work on my appellate brief. Even more so since I have no criminal law next week and Civ Pro is cancelled on Tuesday. :thumbu2: This is going to open things up a BUNCH.

Weight today was 216.0. I'm not sure how accurate this scale is, but at least it gives me a number. One thing about it: I am OK with weighing every day -- I've never had any particular feelings about the number. The only time it is an issue is when I weigh after NOT weighing for awhile That tends to be a shock if my weight has climbed more than I expected.:bigeyes3: (It never drops more than planned).

I think I will nap for a bit now that I've fed my kitty, drank a bunch of water, and took my pills. I have stuff to do today and I want to have my act together.

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