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Friday, Mar 28 2014 - TGIF!!! (and AW2)

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Weight this morning: 215.0! Maybe there is something to this eating less.
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This weekend I need to focus on writing my appellate brief. I worked on organizing last night and made some "thought progress." But this weekend I need to get with the program. Class ends today at 1:30'ish, so I am going to hit it after my post-lunch nap. I would like to get the draft of the curtilage argument and the statement of facts done today. That should be the easiest because the argument is just the flip-side of the motion to suppress that I've already done.

Tomorrow I have VITA in the morning, but then I'm going to start working on the bribery vs. illegal gratuity argument. That is not bad, but I need to fine-tune the legislative history/policy part. Although I really like LEXIS, Westlaw is probably going to be my best source for that. It feels like time is really short on this thing, but the reality is that I have 10 whole days to get it done. Most briefs are written from scratch in that amount of time.
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Today I got an odd email from a professor, asking that another student and I "participate less." In a way, it kind of hurt my feelers,:cry2: but I went to class anyway. (I noticed the other student wasn't there.) It was not an unkind email; in fact, it was probably the nicest way I've ever been told to shut up. But it still bothered me.:cry2: I will be back to normal by tomorrow. But for tonight I will probably hang out and feel humiliated (and watch a movie or something).

Eating was good tonight. I made a big bowl of clam chowder but quit half-way through it. I could have eaten the whole thing and at one time I would have -- BUT I DIDN'T. Good for me to quit half-way through. Perhaps I am getting back on track.:rock1::rock1:

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3 months ago

Congrats on the weightloss :)