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Thursday, May 8 2014 - Exam Self Talk

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Take my time -- there is no particular hurry -- the exam lasts 4 hours!
There is no tomorrow and no yesterday -- only today
Read the instructions and answer the question(s)
Organize my answers--start and end with the text.
I: What is the issue
R: What is the applicable rule
E: Explain/define anything that needs explaining/defining
A: Apply rule to the facts; analysis
C: Conclusion

Question everything
Assume nothing
Begin at the beginning, go on to end, and then STOP.

I am smart, and I know a lot of stuff. This is my time to shine--not hide my light under a basket.

Be mellow -- this is not the time to stress! I WILL do the best I can possibly do -- I will not be afraid to succeed.:rock1:

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