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Past Wednesday

Thursday, March 27th 2014

Yesterday was trying, but today will be OK. The upside is that it's only one more day after today until the weekend.:smile1: This will give me lots of time to work on my appellate brief. Even more so since I have no criminal law next week and Civ Pro is cancelled on Tuesday. :thumbu2: This is going to open things up a BUNCH.

Weight today was 216.0. I'm not sure how accurate this scale is, but at least it gives me a number. One thing about it: I am OK with weighing every day -- I've never had any particula...

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A new day

Wednesday, March 26th 2014

I have been doing Positive Changes tapes (borrowed from my DH). I think they are helping -- at least so far I have less urge to eat things I know I shouldn't and am more interested in F&V. I also am beginning to have an urge to exercise, something that has been absent for awhile.

One thing I have come to realize is just how angry I have been over the way things have turned out in my life. I have been angry over the direction my career has taken; I have been angry about the PKD progres...

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Tuesday, March 25th 2014

I really am going to get up, go to the bathroom, get naked, and weigh. THEN I'm going to have my coffee.

Tomorrow is my long day -- starts at 8, ends at 3:30. So I need to make sure I have lunch and snacks packed. Otherwise, I will be late and behind all day--and hungry! Dinner is planned -- stir fry with some tofu and vegies. Lunch will probably be a tuna sandwich and an apple; I'll take some baby carrots and cheese for a snack. Okay, now I have a plan.
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Classes Start Tomorrow

Sunday, January 12th 2014

I think I'm ready, though who knows. They started sending out assignments 2 weeks ago. I would have finished my work/reading earlier if I hadn't been sick with the flu. Yucko!!!

Grades come out next Friday. Nothing like starting second semester without knowing how you did in the first semester. Hopefully I passed everything; I expect that I was astoundingly mediocre. But the scores are curved so that is a good thing.

My weight is now at 211.6; hopefully it will be down a bit by tomorro...

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New Year

Friday, January 10th 2014

I am just getting over the flu or something similar. It SUCKED!!!! It lasted through the New Year, my birthday, and a week beyond--what a miserable Christmas break:cry2: But I am feeling better, I am back up at my apartment in Moscow with my DH and GC (grumpy cat):music2: Classes start on Monday, so I do have homework to do. I will get it all caught up by then--I have done the reading, just have to do some briefing and make some notes for class.

This year I am going to get my weight under control -- di...

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