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Saturday, Apr 10 2010 - missed the end of wk 3 before i knew it!!

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wow!!! tues. came & went b-4 i knew it!! i was down 4 lbs & i was happy about that!! i know that first few wks those lbs r the easiest to knock off!! but it's a start....taking it off the same as i put it on....a little at a time!! i started physical therapy & what a work out!! they're trying to kill me!! lol!!! that therapy sure helps immediately & dramatically!! i've been under my calorie target regularly only due to the exercise but i have been eating the 1500 cal. i'm soo happy to be walking everyday that i have to log it, other than that i'd b rite on target for calories!! i'm hoping that my calorie reduction will not cause a decrease in wgt loss for being too little but at the same time i'm where the dr. wanted me for calories?! well more after nxt weigh in!

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