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Sunday, Apr 11 2010 - finally an excersise break thru!! :-)

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yea!!! whooo hooo!!! i had 2 come back 2day cuz i finally had a gr8 walk!!! since i started 3 1/2 wks ago i have been walking everyday, thanks to my baby, i say that cuz even on the days i don't feel like the 2nd walk or sometimes even the first he asks & partially out of shame & partly out of determination i go even when i don't want to!! i say shame bcuz i don't want him to know i'm that dam lazy!!!! lol!!! 2day is the first time after 35 min of walking i still felt good!!! at first when i started within 5 min of leaving my home my lower back wd b killing me!!! it wd b so tight i wd want to turn around & go home!! even in a half mi walk when i had moved up to a half mi i wd 2,3 or 4 times stop for about 20 seconds & bend over as far as i'm allowed ( hip surgery precautions still) to stretch out my lower back!!! today i went a mi & my back doesn't hurt!!!! i was soo proud of my progress!!! i can really really tell how much just the last 3 wks has helped me!!! after 3-4 yrs of sitting!!! and i mean sitting most of everyday due to the pain in both hips i was lucky to do 1,000 step a day!!!!! holy commoly!!!! now i do 6,000-7,000 a day & am trying desperately to get over 10,500 a day!! (what's considered to b an active adult + 500 for the up to 5% avg. pedometer may b off) to any of u out there that is really hating ur exercise, b patient stick with it if only 5 min walk a day!!! it will b come a habit!!! just go every day!!! my dr told me if i cd only walk to the end of my driveway everyday it wd b better than nothing!!! i started with that & then to the street light, then the stop sign 3 lots from mine(i live in a rural area so lots are empty!!) now i'm at a mile!!! do anything & b-4 u know it u will b doing more & more!! it is sooo much easier to walk during this gr8 weather that most of the country is having!!!! best of luck to anyone who read this!!!!

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