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Sunday, Apr 25 2010 - back to work this wk!!

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well it was back to work this wk & wat a wk!!! between hiding from the cigarettes(quit 2 months ago) & the sweets it was a tru trial of determination!! i don't know why but i was sooo much hungrier this wk, i'm hoping it's just that time soon & that's y i'm sooo ravenous!! regardless i kept my target this wk & i'm sure 2mro the scale will have a loss!! i finally hit my 10,000 steps i've been aiming for & although it was just once yesterday i'm hoping to keep it up!! usually i'm at about 7,000 most days but yesterday was bze!!! it was the first time since my surgeries that when i realized i had left our shopping (recyclable bags) in the car that i could myself run out to the car for them rather than asking rob to run!! twice!!!! whooo hooo!!! it felt so good to b more independant!!! i love the fact that rob will do anything for me anytime but i like to do for myself!!!!! i'm hoping for my measly 2 lb loss this wk & not another 1 lb wk but will take whatever i can get!!! i know i'm doing the rite thing sooo if it's a lb it's a lb & if it's 2 it's 2!!! i have to constantly remind myself that this will b a long haul & not 2 b impatient!!! waiting for weigh in 2mro!!!

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