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Sunday, May 16 2010 - birthday bluezzzzzz!! lol!!

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:rock1:dam it first i lost my blog from yesterday???? i don't know where it went but oh well!!! it was rob's birthday (my love) & we went to legal seafood one of my fav's so i thought rather than have a bad day i'll have blackened mahi rather than the lobster roll that i love soooo much!! i did & between that my baked potato & chocolate mousse which wen i looked up b 4 going said 299 cal's but when i actually had it i knew had to b more so figured at worst 450 & of course i'm almost 600 over for the day!!! i should have just went ahead & had my lobster roll & been done with a "bad day"!!! lol!! i will know better next time!! let's face it we will all have our days that are not as good as we wd like!!! then on top of it had half a piece of birthday cake!!!! lol!!!! to top all of that......i had cake for breakfast with my coffe & it was gr8!!!! lol!!!:bang: i will have to b a little more stringent this wk & try to work out more to help compensate for all the cal's yesterday!!! it wasn't even my birthday!!! now i'm worried about my vacation in july cuz i'm drinking & eating on vacation & that scares me!!!! lmao!!! haven't had a drink in probably a yr or more & i'm looking forward to some crown royal & some real bacon instead of our facon!!!! :drunk: whoooo hooo!!!! yea for jamaica!!!!! maybe if i ride a bike around during the day it wont b soooo bad for me!!! lol!!!! i guess i was dissappointed yesterday as i was trying to b good somewhat but it didn't work out & i gave up my lobster roll!!!! 2day's another day & another chance to do the rite thing but i guess i shouldn't have another meal of sweets since breakfast was sh-t!!! more later!!! peace to u & urz till nxt time!!!!

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