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Monday, Jul 19 2010 - love hate vacation!!! lol!!!

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well bak after 2 wks in jamaica & eating like an idiot!! lol!! i gained 6 lbs & don't even worry about it!! i just got bak on the horse 2day & kno it will come off just as the rest did!!! i want to hate myself for the indulgence but i don't!!! lmao!!! i'm sure some of u think i gave up after 2 wks out but was just on vacation!!! i had a gr8 time & my employees loved the trip we gave them but theirs was only 5 days!!! my niece got married while we were there & the wedding was amazing!! i was soooo happy not to have gained 10 or more lbs while gone cuz i promised to drop to 1200 cals a day if i did till i got bak where i was but now i will stay at my 1500 & exercise a little more till i get back there!!! lol!!! i will weigh in 2mro as usual & c where i am for the nxt wk!!! i feel alot of walking coming my way this nxt wk!!! lol!!! more later but have 2 wks of work to catch up on soooo.........

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