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just gotta do it!!! lol!!

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

well after my last entry i had to laugh wen i re-read it!!! the best laid plans sometimes go to hell!! i did gr8 on my food for that party but then i had drinks!!! there went all my planning!! lol!!! sometimes we just do wat we know we should not!!! :-) that wasn't enuff though i had to do it all over again 2day by giving into one of my biggest weaknesses!!! macaroni & cheese!!! lmao!!! i kno it's crazy but it's one of my all time fav's!!! then to boot i had to meet my boyfriends family for ...

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funny how we change!!

Saturday, September 25th 2010

i'm having 17 family members for dinner 2nite & although my boyfriend & i r in this together & of course he is miles ahead of me....still we entertain. we r making chicken francaise, mashed potatoes & glazed carrots for dinner with all that fat it can carry we both plan to eat small portions of some things & none of others!! there was a time or many times may i say that i wd just say oh well special occaisions don't count!!!! now i plan ahead...i ate a turkey sand with some l...

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holiday w/e's r tough!!

Tuesday, September 7th 2010

this past w/e was hell on the diet!! lol!!! one drink is 1/3 of my daily calories!! for just the nite i did wat i wanted & didn't count calories!! lol!! my girlfriends birthday was fri & we went to dinner & i ate wat i wanted & had 2 drinks then saturday was my nieces wedding reception & again i ate & drank & partied like there was no tomorrow!! today it's bak on the wagon for food & no more drinks for a while at least!! gotta get on the scale 2mro & i'm not l...

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