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Saturday, Sep 25 2010 - funny how we change!!

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i'm having 17 family members for dinner 2nite & although my boyfriend & i r in this together & of course he is miles ahead of me....still we entertain. we r making chicken francaise, mashed potatoes & glazed carrots for dinner with all that fat it can carry we both plan to eat small portions of some things & none of others!! there was a time or many times may i say that i wd just say oh well special occaisions don't count!!!! now i plan ahead...i ate a turkey sand with some lite mayo bout an hour b 4 they r due to arrive and am checking calories now b 4 i eat!!! i'm so proud of myself!! this is a rare moment in my life!! also no matter if i'm on hr 12 or hour 18 of my day wen i go to a store i park at the farthest end of the lot & walk my cart back to a cart depo or back to the door if they don't have an area set aside!! i'm begining to feel a normal size even if i'm still 250!! i kno it must sound crazy to many of u out there but the truth is the truth!! i put on my fav jeans from a little while ago, jeans that at one point i could just fit into & they r very big on me....enuff so that my best friend sd i shouldn't wear them anymore....without any prompting!!! lmao!!! well gotta go get ready for company even though they're all family still gotta do something with myself!! have a wonderful evening everyone!! i kno i certainly will!!!

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7 years ago

sounds like a fun time.




7 years ago

Have a great dinner party. I'm proud of you for planning ahead too! :thumbu2:
And major congrats on your jeans being too big! :clap: