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ohhhhh my gosh!!!! lol!!! :-)

Thursday, January 27th 2011

i have not stopped eating this wk!! lol!! went to dinner for my mother in law's birthday....sorta(i live wit her son for 8 yrs) ANYWAY....... we did german!! i wanted a german platter & i had one!!! it was sooooo good & i ate the WHOLE DAM THING!!!!! i never finish a resturant meal anymore then i had homemade cheesecake for dessert!!! i have been stuk at 248 for almost a month & i'm eating like a crazy woman!! i have stuck to not eating chocolate candy but heck if i eat all those cal...

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dam old age!! lol!!!

Sunday, January 16th 2011

have been fasting for a screening in the morning.....i just didn't want anyone to think i lost my mind!!! lol!!! it's really not as hard as i thought it may b!! now just not to try to eat 2 days of cal's in one day!! :-) however i'm sure u can imagine i am already waiting to eat as soon as i'm able!! i'm trying ever harder to get my cal's at just the 1500 everyday & have been doing better....not eating chocolate candy has been a gr8 help on that front! well best of luk to everyone out there...

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it can b done!!! lol!!!

Friday, January 14th 2011

now on my 5th day without candy....chocolate candy......my biggest weakness!!! yea!!!! my new bike is ready to b p.u.!!!! whooo hooo!!! riding this w/e no matter wat else i do!!!! my baby got me all the bells & whisltes!!! lites, bell, basket, water holder!!!! he calls it my pee wee herman bike!!! lmao!!!! i will b cycling around this w/e!!! i'm such a hungry girl 2day.....which reminds me of the new show i found on food tv network!!! lol!!! big surprise food tv!!!! lol!!! but the show is ca...

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no chocolate candy for now this the 3rd day!!!

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

i'm trying not to eat any chocolate candy for the rest of this month!! i'v made it 3 days now & for me that's AMAZING!!!!! i still have had some weight watchers cake or hostess 100 cal cupcakes but no candy!!!!! i have actually gone to bed the last couple of nites with a couple calories left!!!!!!! yea!!!! working it!!! have a gr8 day & remember yesterday is over & no matter wat ur calorie intake was then we have a new day everyday to start anew!!! we don't have to b perfect.....we j...

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ok now i'm serious!!! lol!!! :-)

Monday, January 10th 2011

2day's the day wen i get serious about getting bak on trak!!! no chocolate candy till after jan 31st!!! i took all the left over candy sent to me from the holidays & cookies & brought them to the office for everyone there to eat!! no more over days anytime soon!!! my bike is at the shop getting assembled!! getting sneakers this wk & getting bak to the excercise!!! the break was nice but i don't want to live the way i used to!!! 50 lbs loss this yr minimum!!!! even if u had bad food c...

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