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Wednesday, Jan 12 2011 - no chocolate candy for now this the 3rd day!!!

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i'm trying not to eat any chocolate candy for the rest of this month!! i'v made it 3 days now & for me that's AMAZING!!!!! i still have had some weight watchers cake or hostess 100 cal cupcakes but no candy!!!!! i have actually gone to bed the last couple of nites with a couple calories left!!!!!!! yea!!!! working it!!! have a gr8 day & remember yesterday is over & no matter wat ur calorie intake was then we have a new day everyday to start anew!!! we don't have to b perfect.....we just need to have more target days than days we r over!!!! don't b too hard on urself if u have a slip just jump bak on that horse afterwards!!! best of luk to each of u!!! xoxo

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7 years ago

3 days, no chocolate candy! :thumbu2: :rock1: :clap:




7 years ago

Good for you Nancey!! I'm doing a sugary treat-free month for January. We CAN do this!