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Friday, Jan 14 2011 - it can b done!!! lol!!!

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now on my 5th day without candy....chocolate candy......my biggest weakness!!! yea!!!! my new bike is ready to b p.u.!!!! whooo hooo!!! riding this w/e no matter wat else i do!!!! my baby got me all the bells & whisltes!!! lites, bell, basket, water holder!!!! he calls it my pee wee herman bike!!! lmao!!!! i will b cycling around this w/e!!! i'm such a hungry girl 2day.....which reminds me of the new show i found on food tv network!!! lol!!! big surprise food tv!!!! lol!!! but the show is called "hungry girl" & she shows people how to substitute things for similar foods that will quell the craving without all the calories!!! it was gr8!! i saw the first show since hearing of it last nite & the theme was pizza!!! she had some gr8 advice!!!! i hope everyone is keeping up the good fite!!! i went 150 cal's over yesterday & was very dissappointed in myself but will just try harder 2day!!! had i just did a small amount of exercise i wd have been fine!!! glad i got my bike to rely on after 2day!!! thank u all for all ur support!!! u have not only the right but the duty to be happy & successful!!!! make it happen!!! xoxoxo

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