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Sunday, Jan 16 2011 - dam old age!! lol!!!

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have been fasting for a screening in the morning.....i just didn't want anyone to think i lost my mind!!! lol!!! it's really not as hard as i thought it may b!! now just not to try to eat 2 days of cal's in one day!! :-) however i'm sure u can imagine i am already waiting to eat as soon as i'm able!! i'm trying ever harder to get my cal's at just the 1500 everyday & have been doing better....not eating chocolate candy has been a gr8 help on that front! well best of luk to everyone out there!! got my new pike bike all tightened up, wit the seat at the rite height now just to get out & ride!! 2mro's plan!! have a gr8 nite & remember....b good to urself!!! xoxo

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