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Thursday, Jan 27 2011 - ohhhhh my gosh!!!! lol!!! :-)

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i have not stopped eating this wk!! lol!! went to dinner for my mother in law's birthday....sorta(i live wit her son for 8 yrs) ANYWAY....... we did german!! i wanted a german platter & i had one!!! it was sooooo good & i ate the WHOLE DAM THING!!!!! i never finish a resturant meal anymore then i had homemade cheesecake for dessert!!! i have been stuk at 248 for almost a month & i'm eating like a crazy woman!! i have stuck to not eating chocolate candy but heck if i eat all those cal's in other stuff wat's the dif?? i am going to really have to crack down on my will power this nxt wk & get my act back 2gether!! i did however set a quit date for the last 10 daily cigs i still smoke at work that for the last yr i have not been able to give up!!! i quit 2 wks ago 2mro!!! God willing this will b the end of my smoking!! i feel very confident that it will b!!! it's hard 2 believe less than 2 yrs ago i was smoking 2 packs or more a day & now i'm not!!! never thought the day wd come!!!! i truly believe my golden yrs will b the best of my life!!!! my bad days for food now r 2-3000 if i have an "i don't give a sht" day instead of 5,000 or more a day EVERYDAY!!! i love improving myself no matter how long it takes or how many times i slip as long as none of us give up we will always succeed!!! soooo many times if u look at my diary i have not good days!! some r not horrible, some r & some r gr8.....i still kno that this is a new way of life & i will continue on day after day.....i kno in my heart the day i quit watching will b the day i start back to 300+ lbs!! thank u all for the gr8 encouragement, ideas, motivation & support!!! have an amazing day & remember no matter wat u ate yesterday.....2day is a new day!!! xoxo

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7 years ago

Nancey, I am so proud to hear about the smoking cessation! You rock!! That is a remarkable accomplishment.

And be sure to use your caloric slip with the German food and cheesecake as a reminder the next time you feel tempted. I'm sure that you don't want to feel that way again.... the resentment, guilt, feeling stuffed, etc. Always try to plan ahead and make the healthy choice by reminding yourself of your goals frequently. Always pause and ask yourself... Will this choice get me where I want to be? If the answer is no, step away from the cheesecake. Well that's my two cents for what its worth. I know that it's nothing that you don't already know. Just thought it was worth saying.





7 years ago

Congrats on the no smoking. :clap:
Here's to our Golden Years! :rock1: