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Tuesday, Feb 22 2011 - my beautiful pink bicycle!! :-)

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finally on sunday i broke out the new bike i got for Christmas!! it was gr8!!! i rode an avg of 6 mph & 10.3 miles!!!! whoo hoo did my hiney hurt wen i got home!! lmao!! thought i had plenty of padding but i guess not there!!! lol!!! i was worn the heck out wen i got back!! i was sooo proud of myself! it took 1 hr & 40 min. wat an amazing day & i even got some sun!! i found a calorie burning website as this one didn't have cal's for a leisurely ride if was less than 10 mph so wen i put in my wgt & mph (i have a little $10 computer on my bike that tells u how far & mph travelled) i had burned over 700 cal's!!!!!!! it was well worth the hiney hurt!! lol!! i did find that my handlebars were way too low & it was making me lean forward & actually making my hands go numb!! lol!! rob fixed that immediately wen i mentioned it upon arriving home!! i'm excited for my next ride!! i have also been working on my project room so that it is no longer just a storage room & i actually have floor space in there! (i got a second shelving unit for Christmas that i desperately needed) rob joked & sd he wd actually have to sweep & mop in there now!! (he does the house work & i do the office work) haven't smoked in almost 6 wks now!!! my cal's have been :@ but i'v luckily been running sooo hard i'm using them up!! my steps have come a long way & most days i'm at 8,000- 10,000+ which makes me very happy althogh 11,000 a day is still my goal!! by june i have promised myself to b under 240 & down to 200 by years end!! very reasonable goals in my mind!! i have been more maintaining than worrying about losing & i need to pull myself back together & get back on the ball and although i have been trying i have not really been doing well.....my exercise is almost non-existent & my calorie intake has been very high for months now....since the holidays (thanksgiving) started then i piled vacation on that and and and!!! at denny's the other day rob & i r going to share a dessert after forgoing the extravagant ones offered where we had dinner!! i wanted chocolate cake ala mode but went with a brownie ala mode trying to skip the icing & thinking sincerely that it wd b much smaller in size!!! it was huge & my half was almost 500 cal's!!!!! holy kamoly!!! from now on i will make dessert at home!!! hungry girl style!!!! if u don't know about hungry girl & ur an eater as i am, u MUST check her website out...hungrygirl.com!! gr8 recipes & substitutions!!! best of luck to everyone this wk on our journey's to better health and happier life style!!! we CAN do this & if we just keep trying & never give up the battle we will win!!! every small step in this journey whether it is parking a few spaces farther out than we need to or if we leave one bite of each thing on our plates at the end of a meal or we just say no to one thing a day that we want.....b 4 u know it u'll b on the road to a better u!!!! till nxt time!!!

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7 years ago

Nancey, I am so proud of you and for you with the smoking cessation! :clap: That is abso-fricking-lutely awesome!! WAY TO GO!!! And it's also awesome that you've been able to maintain your weight while quitting. That bike ride sounds pretty terrific too. I just got a bike myself and I'm trying to work it into my exercise. Well anyway, you rock :rock1: as usual!!




7 years ago

10.3 miles?!?! :rock1: That's awesome Nancey! :thumbu2:
The Hungry Girl chicky poo has a new show on the cooking channel. I haven't seen the show but I haven't seen a lot of commercials for it.
6 weeks no smoking! You go girl. :clap: