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Wednesday, Feb 23 2011 - help i'm eating & i can't stop!! lmao!!! :-)

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again....dam it i had an over 2,000 calorie day!!! :@!! i had the biggest sweets attack!!! i ate a whole load of chocolate & really wanted to take a bike ride last nite to earn back some dinner caloires but no go!! rob had dinner on the table wen i arrived & then of course he still hasn't picked up his bike as we both have been extremely bze sooooo....the little bit of time i'm able to give him during the wk isn't my best time to leave him sitting in front of the tv while i ride!!! lucky for me as i sd yesterday i have been incredibly bze or acitive anyway i still haven't gained anything & have actually lost another lb!! whoo hoo!!! never the less i have got to get more serious about cutting back on my calories!!! soon i hope it will sink in b 4 i gain!!!! oh myyyyy!!! lol!!! another day & another chance to do better! i cut out the protien shake in the early a.m. as i find i really want to eat in the morning & those 200 cal's can b used for food!!! lol!!! protien shakes r not my idea of a meal.....sorry!!! so i will c if that helps any!! lol!! the snacking at work is killing me even if it is 100 cal pks!! 5 of them r still 500 cal's!!! lol!!! well wish me luck all & have an amazing day!! better luck to u all than i have had as of late with ur counting!!! xoxoxo

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7 years ago

Isn't it just bad when you're so busy? You really need the time to plan, prepare and eat healthy. Good luck on the day! I know you can do it!