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Wednesday, Mar 16 2011 - keep on keepin on......

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still struggling with my target & although most days i'm rite there i want to b just at 1500 a day not 1550 or 1650 but 1500!!!!! dam it!! lol!!! i have come to grips with the fact that most of the time i will think i'm hungry just not so hungry i need to eat!! lmao!! i just need to make better use of the cal's i consume so they stay with me longer!! i mean i get so hungry late afternoon that i don't feel well or at least think i don't!! lol!!! we don't have dinner till about 7 do to the fact that i drive 100 miles to & from work each day. being the boss i'm the last to leave 5-5:30 & by the time i get home although dinner's always waiting for me i have to eat something at the end of the day i honestly can't make it till 7 from a 100 cal snack at 2?? something i'll b working on!! also the exercise i'v mantained the 30 min 3 times a wk for over a month but truly want to get to at least 5 days a wk 30 min a day!!! bought a book at borders goin outta biz sale "idiots guide to weight lifting"!! i want to do some toning & strengthening! then i want to go to some yoga classes!! hopefully with rob but if not i'll go myself as i'v wanted to do yoga for quite some time now!! peace for now & keep up the good fite people we can succeed if only we believe!! xoxoxo

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