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Friday, Mar 25 2011 - the needle finally moved past my pre-holiday/vacation spot!!

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whooo hoooo!!! finally got back down past the 8 lbs i packed on over the thanksgiving, Christmas & the weeks in st lucia!! as i sd i was eating like a crazy women, drinking crown royal on the rocks wit a coke back and the desserts!!! thought i'd never get here again....lmao...that is sooo totally not true!!! lol!! i knew i wd get there but it freakin took forever!! i can't lie about the fact that i really hadn't tried extra hard but the last wk or so i have been really getting back to the program & trying as i sd not to use our" free" 150 cals that i so frequently use!! lol!!! hey wat can i say at least i know my weaknesses!! :-) with the little bit of bike riding & working like a maniac (till 2 a.m. yesterday from my usual start at 4:30 am!! NO LIE!!) 241 & counting!!! my intermediate goal is anything under 200!!! had to take one of the size 20's i got back for 18's!! some manufacturers cut their clothes soooo big!! lol!! never thought i'd b saying that!!! lmao!!! i know i wear a 22 so no ones foolin me!!! it has been well more than a decade since i have weighed so little & the funny thing is i know this time it's forever!!! i just re-newed my membership here even though i cd just buy the software....i get sooo much gr8 support & have made some friends that i truly cherish for all the encouragement & life experiences they have shared that have helped me in my journey no matter how rocky a road i may b on that day!!! did i say that i love counting calories over every other way i have tried to lose wgt....and i have tried more than i can count on both hands and feet!! lol!!! it gives us the freedom to eat wat we want....anything we want!!!! if i just can't live without a cupcake today......i get to just eat lighter the rest of the day & i can have it!!! i don't do it often but i can!!! i love that!!! it makes knowing that i will b counting cal's forever not seem so bad!!! lmao!!!! well enuff for now have a big w/e & i'm already exhausted from starting a sales contest at work for our annual company trip....this yr it's vegas!!!! my daughter was born there & she works with me so will b a gr8 chance for us to have a picture there in her hometown together now that she is 27!!!! lol!!!! listen no matter wat happened yesterday or even this morning we can always to choose to eat a little better rite now!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

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