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Thursday, Mar 31 2011 - some days r just like this!!!

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i was so angry at myself after finally getting down to the 241 i had a hellava w/e with my relatives calorie wise out to dinner fri with aunt & uncle haven't seen in over 30 yrs! drinks killed me there more than the food, then sat with my cousin i haven't seen in yrs. he's a postal worker & a biker & a vietnam vet if that says anything for drinks that nite!!! he pours 2/3 liquor & 1/3 coke!!! almost a days cal's in just 4 drinks!!! lol!! i kno i shouldn't laugh but hell i didn't die i'm just working on getting healthier!!! that's prob y i still have such a long way to go!!! it's ok though, i'm not in a hurry but i WILL get there!!! funny u wd think i'd just quit everything but some things i still like i just can't have all the time but sometimes i'm ok with.....like my crown royal!!! lmao!! sometimes i think people have less success for the simple fact they are so stringent on themselves that they feel deprived or not happy with wat they're doing as far as counting cal's cuz they tell themselves they can never have "____" again!!! it's just simply not true!!! it's just got to not b a regular thing!!! sometimes any of us can have waterver the hell we wanna have as long as we control how much & how often!!! i'v gone in the last 3 yrs from a size 32 womens to a 22 misses & i still have another 75 lbs to go & that will not change the fact that on ocassion i will have 4 double crowns or a whole slice of birthday cake or a plate of macaroni & cheese!!! all my fav's & i can & do have them "ON OCCAISION"!! i know if i told myself i could NEVER have things it wd make me feel as though i couldn't control myself & when that happens i'm screwed anyway!!! lol!!! i'm a food a holic & i must learn to say no MOST of the time!! not all the time!! ok gotta run for now but think about it!!! take control of ur lives now & forever......one day at a time!!! gr8 success to all & hope it's going ur way!!! xoxoxo

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