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day 3 & feelin sooo good about my progress!!

Wednesday, April 27th 2011

ok day 3 to a healthier me!!!! i have made it the first 2 days......yes even that is an accomplishment for me!!! i'm a grazer......i eat all day long! i get up b4 5 a.m. mon-fri, i drive 1 1/2 hrs each way to work & i usally get home around 7p.m.! i eat all day & at this point i am timing my eating so i quit grazing!! lol!!! i eat my breakfast or early morning snack in the car on the way to work with coffee that's around 5:30, then at 9 a.m i have a fat free yogurt, (i'm starving & w...

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day one went pretty good........:-)

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

well hello all u gr8 ambitious losers!!! of course, here that is meant stricktly as only the gr8est compliment u can get...... not that i deserve it as of late!!! lol!!! i'v been a stayer!!! lmao!!! stayin the same for months.....until now!!! lol!!! day one of my 30 days to a healthier me went well!!! i did do one thing i regret....i had a lindt truffle (easter candy) and that darn thing was 87 calories!!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggggggg!!!!!! still was under my calories just a bit which is an acc...

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ok enuff is enuff!! :-)

Monday, April 25th 2011

ok 2day starts my 30 days to a healthier me!!! lol!!! for a month or longer i have just eaten & eaten & eaten!!!! seem i'm hungry all the time!!! more importantly the cal's i'm consuming r not healthy!! i do eat much good food but as always have 3-500 cal's a day in junk!! 100 cal snacks r gr8 but not 3-5 a day!!lol!!! i am working on that as we speak!!! i am going to give a concentrated effort to reduce my junk food calories & get back in the full swing of things!! i haven't gained ...

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help i'm eating & i can 't stop!!!!

Sunday, April 10th 2011

lol!!! i kno i shldn't laugh but dam i have to!!! i can't stop eating this wk!!! i was sooo scared to get on the scale however it was kind to me this wk & i didn't gain which i was soooooo sure i wd have after the w/e with my grandson & then the rest of the wk but......i didn't & i need to buckle down! some of the info i'v read here sd sometimes we need a maintenance brk & it seem as though i'v been doing it without meaning to & i must get the rest of this wgt off!! i still h...

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ok wth!??

Friday, April 1st 2011

again 2day i find myself fiending for some goodies!! wth?? yesterday i left work with 28 calories for dinner!! lmfao!!! of course i had shrimp & garden salad with vinegar for dinner!! lol!! then to beat all hell rob & i shared some cake with chocolate syrup & a coffee!! then a skinny cow for snack!!! dam i need some more control!! lol!!! now 2day 2 cookies already 2day & i have my grandson for the w/e!! not a good calorie time i'm sooo sure although we will have all the fun in th...

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