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Sunday, Apr 10 2011 - help i'm eating & i can 't stop!!!!

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lol!!! i kno i shldn't laugh but dam i have to!!! i can't stop eating this wk!!! i was sooo scared to get on the scale however it was kind to me this wk & i didn't gain which i was soooooo sure i wd have after the w/e with my grandson & then the rest of the wk but......i didn't & i need to buckle down! some of the info i'v read here sd sometimes we need a maintenance brk & it seem as though i'v been doing it without meaning to & i must get the rest of this wgt off!! i still have 65 lbs minimum to lose & i will according to the u.s.a.'s standards still b 50 lbs overweight!!!! lmao!!! i don't go by everyone elses standards & have no desire to b waif thin however i do want my new hips to last as long as possible!!! lol!!!! i still feel gr8 & wish i was more upset about not making my target on a daily basis but at the same time i'm happy that wen i overeat it isn't enuff to cause a gain!!! lol!!! my bad days now are better than my good days way back when!!!!! lmao!!!! i'll just have to try harder this wk & make myself fit in the bike riding!!!! i truly hope u all are having an easier time than i this wk & that success follows u around where ever u go this wk!!! hungry girl continues to give me gr8 ideas for dieting & watching our cal consumption!! i find her a little irritating i hate to say but her info is sooooo helpful that i watch the show anyway & her website is a wealth of healthy foods & recipes....hungrygirl.com!!!
my tip today is chocolate biscotti....noni's has them at 110 calories, the chocolate for those of us who just must indulge is a gr8 satisfier!!!! have a successful, happy & healthy wk all!!! till nxt time!!! xoxoxoxo

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7 years ago

Your system is probably going crazy with all the treats you had with your grandson. So it's wants more :)
I find myself after a few days of not watching, I tend to have the muniches all the time.
Glad you didn't gain!!!
I hope you have a great week.