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Monday, Apr 25 2011 - ok enuff is enuff!! :-)

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ok 2day starts my 30 days to a healthier me!!! lol!!! for a month or longer i have just eaten & eaten & eaten!!!! seem i'm hungry all the time!!! more importantly the cal's i'm consuming r not healthy!! i do eat much good food but as always have 3-500 cal's a day in junk!! 100 cal snacks r gr8 but not 3-5 a day!!lol!!! i am working on that as we speak!!! i am going to give a concentrated effort to reduce my junk food calories & get back in the full swing of things!! i haven't gained but i haven't lost!! that in itself is good but not good enuff!!!! i need to get the other 65 lbs off i promised myself i wd lose!! even then i will b over wgt according to most charts but i kno myself & 125 is way tooooo little for me!! 175 wd b gr8!!! i'v come sooo far yet have a long way to go still & i need to get back on it!!!! then i will concentrate on more exercise wkly!!! focus focus focus!!! have a gr8 day all!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

Good luck! You can do this!