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Tuesday, Apr 26 2011 - day one went pretty good........:-)

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well hello all u gr8 ambitious losers!!! of course, here that is meant stricktly as only the gr8est compliment u can get...... not that i deserve it as of late!!! lol!!! i'v been a stayer!!! lmao!!! stayin the same for months.....until now!!! lol!!! day one of my 30 days to a healthier me went well!!! i did do one thing i regret....i had a lindt truffle (easter candy) and that darn thing was 87 calories!!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggggggg!!!!!! still was under my calories just a bit which is an accomplishment compared to my usual!!! i'v been hovering around 1700+ the last couple months!! so actually was a good day!! one down & 29 to go!!! i ate a little junk & i wish i hadn't but i didn't snack all day!!! i gave up my morning biscotti for a yogurt & i only ate the pudding before i ate a human cuz it was the lowest calorie thing i had left in my lunch!!! lol!!! glad it was cuz the chocolate was sooooooooooooooooo good!! lol!!! day 2, wish me luck!! funny but as the time rolls on now that it's been a yr i find myself challenging myself to do better & better!!! funny i say becuz i'm not the strickest of dieters!!! lol!!! big surprise i kno!! i have lost over 85 lbs total & still have a long way to go however if i want to drink with my friends on a nite i do, if i really really want to eat something i do!!! i can't think of anything (other than a cigarette, it's now been almost 4 months since i had one!!!) that i will never have again!! i will at one time or another eat everything i love!!! i just won't eat large portions ever again & i can't eat them all in one day or one week or even one month!!! i don't kno about u guys but that's wat works for me!! if i told myself i could never have a piece of cake with icing or a steak or macaroni & cheese again it wd never work for me?? i sincerely hope that each of u r finding wat works best for u!! this isn't easy but neither is living with extra lbs!!! this takes time & perserverence!!! each of us have the desire or we wouldn't b here!!! kno in ur heart u will have bad days & good days.......triumphs & defeats........it's all in the getting back up & dustin ur butt off and starting again the next day!!!! move move move is my thought for this wk!! just a few extra steps here & there add up thru the course of a day!!!! best of luck & ur doing gr8 just by being here ........ the rest will come!! heads up & shoulders back WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! best of luck to u all till nxt time!!!

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