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Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 - day 3 & feelin sooo good about my progress!!

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ok day 3 to a healthier me!!!! i have made it the first 2 days......yes even that is an accomplishment for me!!! i'm a grazer......i eat all day long! i get up b4 5 a.m. mon-fri, i drive 1 1/2 hrs each way to work & i usally get home around 7p.m.! i eat all day & at this point i am timing my eating so i quit grazing!! lol!!! i eat my breakfast or early morning snack in the car on the way to work with coffee that's around 5:30, then at 9 a.m i have a fat free yogurt, (i'm starving & waiting by the time comes) then i have lunch at 12 & a 100 cal snack around 3! well if i can i go till i eat at home, dinner & if not i eat another 100 cals on way home bout 5:30ish!! that is if i schedule my food!!! lmao!!! i don't kno, i have finally figured out i am totally addicted to food!!!! seriously who else on earth eats all day long!!! i actually feel as though i will b sick i get soooo hungry at times!!! lol!!! the mind is a powerful tool, i get a headache & irritable!!! lol!!!! wth is with that!!!!! i didn't mention the knot in my stomach cuz since i'v b come health conscious i always have that just in varying degrees of "i'm starving"!! lol!!! i have gotten my cal's under control this way & i'm hoping to c a nice loss over the 30 days as well as breaking the 240 barrier!!! i NEED to get into the 230's for me!!!! it's my nxt burning desire to accomplish!!!! i find if wat i'm doing isn't working there is always something else we can try!!! i have a weak will power for food......so that is where i have to strengthen myself!!! i need to learn to just close my mouth around sweets!! my boyfriend is super supportive in the best possible way however i was soo proud of myself last nite. he sometimes stands in the kitchen & munches a little & i kno it is because he doesn't want to snack in front of me. i'm outta cal's everynite & he has cal's left over as he works from home & has alot of exercise time that i don't get!! last nite as he's munching a little on a small Easter basket i made him, he offered me a cookie & i sd no, then wen r dessert time came i ate a mini drumstick!! ( they are amazing & only 130 calories if u haven't tried them yet) for me to turn down sweets is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! now to just keep saying no.....to MYSELF!!! i sincerely hope each of u r finding ur way around this program! my progress wd b much better if i put in more effort!! i like wat i'm doing & i'm not in a hurry!!! i know within 18 months i will b at my goal 175 & healthier than i have ever been in my life!! working on month 4 of no smoking!!! yea me!!!! and no wgt gain!!!! thank the good Lord Jesus for all his strength!!!! remember everyone to pat urself on the back for every accomplishment!!! this is a hard road.....the one back to good health........i applaud each of u who come everyday & r taking control of ur lives!!! no matter how many stumbles we encounter as long as we get up dust off our butts & keep going!!!! and u do & so do i!!! we rock!!! much love to each of u!!! xoxoxo till nxt time!!!

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6 years ago

It's hard for me to turn down sweets too!