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Wednesday, May 18 2011 - 2nd place..........must change!!!

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still not on track!! not gaining but not losing & still 4 lbs over my lowest!!! dam it!!! i feel like my wgt loss has taken 2nd place in my life & i have to change that!! last w/e i worked literally 24 straight hrs then 4 hrs sleep & another 14 hrs then 6 hr sleep & yet another 18 hrs with only 3 hrs sleep after & was on my way to work monday morning at 5:30 AM by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what kinda crazy life is this??? lmao!!! sounds like i'm lying when i read that but it's the absolute truth!!! very hard to stay in calories on days like that & with birthdays ect ect. i have a million excuses & it pisses me off that i even think like that!!!! i sooooooo need to refocus my will power!! this past crazy w/e i worked off alot of my cal's but the nxt day was wayyyy over!!! i was soooo bze worrying about not smoking as my sisters were in a small room working with me & smoking like chimmneys knowing i just quit in january!!! they started off going outside but as the nite progressed didn't bother!!! dam sisters!!! lmao!! then my boyfriends birthday first at the ofc then at home, breakfast out! thought was doing well had 1/2 belgium waffle with sugar free syrup.....500 cals!!!!!!!!!!! r u frkn kidding me!!! :@!!!! after i had fruit & egg beaters with it along wit a cup of coffee & we r at close to 1,000 cals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wth!!!!! i really really want to get back on track & dam it no matter wat i will!i'm sincerely hoping none of u r having the problems i am & that ur journey is taking a more direct path!! remember it's only over when someone gives up.......other than that is all just a work in progress!!! have a beautiful day all!!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

We CAN do this. June will be a good month for us! Don't give up!




6 years ago

Oh sorry things are so crazy... Those long hours are a killer and I hope things are back to normal or as normal as they can be.
I hope there are no more b-days for awhile :) lol.