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Tuesday, May 31 2011 - summer is hell!!! lol!!!!

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well been on a mini vacation & of course no cal counting!!! afraid to scale it but will 2mro anyway!!! i think i may take the pills the dr gave me for a wk or two to get back into the swing of things!!! i really don't care too much to use them but as he sd as well as i'm doing i cd do much better if i wd just take them!! i still haven't decided!! lol!!! i ate & drank & had a gr8 time!! hoping that i did enuff walking to burn some of those cal's off!! lol!! we went fishing where we caught some strawberry grouper which we had cooked rite off the boat & mmmmmmm!!! we also caught some yellow tail snapper which we brought home 4 lbs!! wat a gr8 trip!! lol!! lot's of crown & dessert!!! lol!!! just need to make up for it now!!! it's sooo gr8 to have lost wat i have as it makes traveling soooo much easier!! more energy, more walking without dying!!! we rented motor scooters which alot of people do in the keyes & we scooted everywhere!!! well hopefully i will settle down to some real eating like a normal person & maybe even a little bettter than b 4!!! wish me luck!!! this summer i will b making some serious advances in my exercise routine.....lol.....or my lack of!!!! i need to set up some type of routine!!! i have soo much trouble due to my schedule!!!! hmmmmm!!!! more later on that subject!!! i also feel some splenda ices coming up this yr!!! mayb made with crystal lite??? hmmmmm!!! we will c!!??? best of luck this wk to each of u!!! this is a life long endeavor for each of us to stay healthy & keep off our wgt!!! sharing ideas, recipes & encouragement will carry each of us through our tough times just as reading the struggles & successes of others for ideas to help ourselves!!! keep busy it gives us less time to eat!!! lol!!! just a walk down the street helps!!! funny how when we learn to divert our attention we get smaller!!! lol!! have a gr8 day all!! xoxoxo

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