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dam vacations!! lmao!!

Tuesday, June 21st 2011

i don't know where the hell my head was this last traveling w/e!!!! i gained 8 lbs in 3 days!!!! wth!!! i couldn't lose that much in 3 days unless i quit eating altogether!!!! i even considered fasting when i got home!!! lol!!! i'm my own worst enemy when it comes to food!!! lol!!! my dr will not b happy 2mro!!! :-) i spent 3 days traveling to c my grandkids & daughter only to gain 8 frkn lbs!!! out for brkfst lunch & dinner & even with a few good choices at meal time i still gained ...

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lo cal yuummmmyyy coffe coolatta

Saturday, June 4th 2011


feel good about myself today.got over an hour of bicycling today on a very windy day.....wat a work out!! yea!! am doing some serious housework here after this entry & am almost back to my pre keyes wgt!! whooo hooo the above link is where i went to earlier and tried the recipe for the caramello coffee freeze, i switched out the caramel sauce & pudding for chocolate of the same & wow~!!! 158 cal's & i actually left out the whipped...

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