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Saturday, Jun 4 2011 - lo cal yuummmmyyy coffe coolatta

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feel good about myself today.got over an hour of bicycling today on a very windy day.....wat a work out!! yea!! am doing some serious housework here after this entry & am almost back to my pre keyes wgt!! whooo hooo the above link is where i went to earlier and tried the recipe for the caramello coffee freeze, i switched out the caramel sauce & pudding for chocolate of the same & wow~!!! 158 cal's & i actually left out the whipped cream and additional tsp of sauce so it was about 108 cal's!! i do understand that the whipped cream does make it much creamier!! will b making my exercise schedule in the am over coffee & will finally commit to even a small amount of exercise!!! with my crazy schedule it has been impossible however i will b putting an ad in no later than fri this nxt wk to get someone to take some of the load off at the office!! i need to commit to getting home earlier so i will fit in exercise!! i need to take care of me & work can't always come first!! i'v had a nice break from serious commitment since oct., i quit smoking & still haven't gain any of my wgt back & i feel safe saying that since it's been almost 5 months now! i'm still a long long way from my goal & i'v decide to get re-committed to moving down the scale!! if i can just fit 3-4 nites of even 30 min. of exercise that alone will go a long way. along with that my plan includes not going over the 1500 cal's!! i have a terrible habit of using the 150 cal's we can skate by going over by without getting the red line!! lmao!!! i kno it's soooo juvenile but as long as i get the green i'm relatively satified with my calorie count!! addicition is a terrrible thing but with just a little more commitment i will start moving toward my goal rather than treading water!! stay strong out there!!! even if u have ur downs, just keep on coming back & being honest about ur calories and u will get back on track!! u only lose when u give up!!!! for almost the 8 months i have moved with in 8 lbs up & down holidays-gain, take it off, vacations gain, take it back off!!! however if we keep site of our goals & take a breather to just stay where we r for just a bit, when we get our commitment back we just start moving rite back down the scale!!! i'm not saying i have all the answers i just kno if we consistantly log cal's honestly & keep working at it every single one of us will c our goals!!! who cares if it takes a little longer than we wanted we have plenty of time!! we are works of art, constantly changing and growing!!! keep strong eveyone, everyday is a new day to start anew, best of luck to everyone & try the coolatta recipe!!! xoxoxoxo

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6 years ago

That drink sounds great!
30 min a few days a week will help you tons! You sound so excited today and I love it!