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keep on keeping on....even when life gets in the way!! lol!!

Monday, July 18th 2011

good morning all u beautiful people!!! well i'v been working on my plan although i have not perfected it yet i have lost all but one lb of "time off wgt" as i have been calling it!! lol!!! it's funny, Rob went outta town to c mom this past w/e & the first thing my screwed up head thinks of when i get home bout 11:30 pm from my departure time of 5:30 am......i say to myself i can eat icing & cake till my head explodes & i cd smoke a cig & no one wd ever kno!!!! (i haven'...

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10 % thru the first stage!!!! whooo hoooo!!!! :-)

Thursday, July 14th 2011

lmao!!! i have a plan in my mind that i will do 3 sets of 30 days to a better me!!! the last 3 days have been gr8 & i only have 3 more lbs to lose of vacation fat!!! lol!!!! it ain't much but it's a start!!! lol!! i gotta start somewhere!!! i will absolutely get down under 240 within these nxt 27 days!!!! wish me luck!!! lol!!! i wish u all gr8 success both big & small.....it's these that keep us going!!!! xoxoxoxo

oh shit!! lol!!

Tuesday, July 12th 2011

well yesterday didn't go too well!!! 2day is another day!!!! i guess from eating soo much these 2 wks off that i'm hungier than usual!! lol!!! it's all good let's c how 2day goes??!!! i kno i can do this & i will!!! xoxoxoxox


Monday, July 11th 2011

today is the day i re-commit!!! no more excuses!!!! this w/e was a party & hotel date nite so not wanting to shoot myself in the foot day one decided to make today day 1!!! i did some gr8 exercise this w/e but i doubt enuff to cover all i ate!! addiction is such a sucky thing.....even when it's a legal addiction!! lol!!! food!!!!! still an addiction.....i tried the pills my dr gave me but in all honesty as much as i kno they help alot.......and i'm healthy enuff to take them i just plain don...

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wth am i thinking ........ or am i thinking at all???

Thursday, July 7th 2011

for the last 8 months i have been eating & eating & eating!!! it's frkn crazy!!! from my daughters wedding excuse, to the thanksgiving day excuse, to the 3 Christmas celebrations excuse & then 3 wks in the west indies excuse to my birthday, our trip to the keyes then 2 visit relatives i hadn't seen in 40 yrs excuses..... rite up to visiting my daughter in ga & finally the annual july 4th party st our place excuse!!!! holy cow talk about some list of excuses!!!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!...

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