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Thursday, Jul 7 2011 - wth am i thinking ........ or am i thinking at all???

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for the last 8 months i have been eating & eating & eating!!! it's frkn crazy!!! from my daughters wedding excuse, to the thanksgiving day excuse, to the 3 Christmas celebrations excuse & then 3 wks in the west indies excuse to my birthday, our trip to the keyes then 2 visit relatives i hadn't seen in 40 yrs excuses..... rite up to visiting my daughter in ga & finally the annual july 4th party st our place excuse!!!! holy cow talk about some list of excuses!!!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! i have a minimum of 75 more lbs to lose & i'll b damed if i'm giving up now!!!! i am going to start lifting wgts for some strength training & i will do some core strengthening as well as getting back to walking along with the bike riding which i gave up to ride my bike instead....(it was easier) lol!!!! i have to quit screwing around & get back down to business!! i'v been threatening this for months but enuff is enuff already!!! it's like quitting school in the 10th grade!!!????? onward & downward...hehehe!!! always know that if u continue the fight the fight isn't over!!!! best of luck all!! xoxoxo

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