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Monday, Jul 18 2011 - keep on keeping on....even when life gets in the way!! lol!!

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good morning all u beautiful people!!! well i'v been working on my plan although i have not perfected it yet i have lost all but one lb of "time off wgt" as i have been calling it!! lol!!! it's funny, Rob went outta town to c mom this past w/e & the first thing my screwed up head thinks of when i get home bout 11:30 pm from my departure time of 5:30 am......i say to myself i can eat icing & cake till my head explodes & i cd smoke a cig & no one wd ever kno!!!! (i haven't smoked in almost 7 months!!) i immediately shut all that chatter from the voices in my head....but who the heck at my age (52) thinks like that!!!!! i had to literally lol to realize i'm like an unruly child!!! i could have done both but y wd i??? lol!!! friday i was disappointed in myself as u can c by the hrs i had a long day as usual +, 17 hrs just to get home not to mention the hr earlier i had to get up to leave by 5:30 & the fact that i had just walked in the door at 11.30 means my day was minimum of 19-20 hrs!!! who frkn does that!!! it's not even a rare occurence for me.....i do this a MINIMUM of once a MONTH!!! it's just crazy, then trying to make it thru a day on 1500 cal's when it's that long is just about impossible!!! (for me anyhow) i ate well all day then ate well even at fridays which i will never visit again.......food isn't worth the cal's.....some places it is but not there!!! lol!!! their rite price rite portions are 750 cals & small!!!! lol!!! i even had a skinny rita-130 cals instead of my reg crown & coke to save cals but when i got home was starving.....literally & ate a turkey sandwich & chips & & & there went my target!!!! this happens alot to me with my crazy schedule so i'm fixing my schedule.....i hired a sales mngr asst.!! this way my hrs if nothing else will allow more time for exercising!!! that is the part of my plan i haven't quite regulated yet!!! i am moving more but not my 5 nites a wk or days watever & i ABSOLUTELY need that to progress!!! i KNOW i will go below 240 by the 15 of august & that is my goal!!! i feel better already & can c those 'time off lbs' melting away thankfully!!!! i'm just a calorie counter for life!!!! and i'm good with that!!!! i wanna get a minute championship going where some of us get together & make our goals as to the number of minutes a wk we wanna move more, in any fashion & then we cd do a thread somewhere & help encourage each other & share some of the ways it helps, or ways we have found to get in more incidental exercise ect ect ect!!! if anyone has any interest let me kno!!! b good to urself, b kind, b strong, WE CAN ALL DO THIS!!!!! have a gr8 wk & celebrate ur successes big or small......they all count!!!! xoxoxoxo

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6 years ago

I totally need a skinny rita. I've never thought about asking for one!




6 years ago

Oh so sorry about the crazy hours. That stinks! My hubby has those once in a while, but he packs food for a day like that.
He will make his version of a trail mix: Cheerios, nuts, and whatever else in the healthier family we might have.
And at breaks he picks at that and it keeps his energy going.

Your thread sounds interesting! we all can use more support.

As to your thinking. I catch myself doing that too... Exp. on the days I am craving something very bad and if hubby is at karate I think I can sneak it in. Ok even if I do, I feel like crap the next morning lol...