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starting over!!

Monday, August 29th 2011

dam 12 lbs in 5 wks!! that's wat i'v gained & now have to lose 87 lbs more instead of 75! well i have proved one thing if i don't continue to count my cal's i will b over 325 again in no time!!! less carbs, more moving, less ofc work, less sweets........ just to name a few!! lol!!! gotta do wat i gotta do!!! dam it!! lol!!!! with 2 more vacations coming & a ton of holiday prep for work & home?? just gotta focus focus focus!!!! wish me luck all as i wish u the same!! xoxox


Monday, August 15th 2011

ok i suk the last couple wks!!! lmao!!! i have been outta town then sick for a wk & watching cal's just wasn't on my list of things to do!! lol!!! of course we all know wat that means!!! gain gain gain......7-8 lbs!!! aaaahhhhhh!!! back to the drawing board!!! as i have sd many times!!! i will never give up!! i will lose the other 75 lbs to get to the 175 i c in my future!!! just in case any of u thought i gave up i didn't & won't ever!!! it's not over till i say it's over & i hope a...

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life happens!!! lol!!

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

funny thing is life happens.....perfect example........trying to get moving down the scale again after about 8-10 months of floundering btwn 241-247 i feel the need to get back to work & get the last 75 lbs off!! started doing better & had a big thing with the office......just tooo dam much work for one person.....80 hrs a wk with drive time in my 50's not what i had in mind opening this company!! i figured a yr or 2 & i cd get back to some reasonable hrs! not!!! so we decided to hir...

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