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Wednesday, Aug 3 2011 - life happens!!! lol!!

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funny thing is life happens.....perfect example........trying to get moving down the scale again after about 8-10 months of floundering btwn 241-247 i feel the need to get back to work & get the last 75 lbs off!! started doing better & had a big thing with the office......just tooo dam much work for one person.....80 hrs a wk with drive time in my 50's not what i had in mind opening this company!! i figured a yr or 2 & i cd get back to some reasonable hrs! not!!! so we decided to hire some help....6 sales people & an assitant!! came to work last wed & worked till 8:30 rented a room at a local hotel as it was cheaper than rob & i driving both our vehicles home & back! thurs nite worked till 9 stayed at the hotel, fri worked till 10 to the hotel, sat worked till 1 a.m hotel & monday till 7 & tue 7 & hopefully i'll go home at a decent hr!! this is all after starting my days at anywhere btwn 7-8 am!! not including mon & tue of last wk & no end in site........needless to say by looking at my diary i'v been 2 bze & tired to even think of calories......6 lb gain!!! even with all the work???? go figure dinner at midnite, hotel room service dam dam dam!! already took 2 lbs back off but i have to get a grip one of these days!!!!! for all the ups & downs i'v done recently i cld b at the 200 mark but i just haven't gotten my stuff 2gether enuff!!! i was sad that i didn't even realize at first that i wasn't logging calories cuz i was sooooo caught up in the business!!!! i don't want to neglect myself for other things but it seems there is no way around it sometimes!!! i'm sooo envious of those of u who r in ur groove & working for urself everyday at the gym doing the walk/runs 5k ect. i have not yet figured how to get this time for myself which is important to me!!! ?????? gtg work is calling again.......just have to figure ANYTHING out to help myself in this area!!! hope everyone out there is doing better than me!!! lol!!! not giving up jst sayin!! lol!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

I am so sorry that work is so crazy for you. What type of business do you have? I keep meaning to ask you. I hope the new help is actually a help.
It's hard to stay on top of health when you are dog gone tired and stressed. Stress and yup room service will not help in the weight loss game, but keep trying your best.
Hubby wants to move to FL so when the day comes I will come help ya :)