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Friday, Sep 23 2011 - working on working it!! lol!!

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was disappointed when i put in my food from my dinner out last nite. i really thought i had done pretty well but i didin't!! i ordered sole francese, with the sauce on the side & for the app i had lobster tail of course no butter, it was flash fried with almost no crusting mayb a toss in flour. however wen my meal arrived it had sauce all over it & rather than send it back & ruin rob's dinner (we were in a fine seafood restuarant) i only ate mayb a third of it, it came with mashed potatoes which i did not finish & rob & i split dessert. i knew i wd b over but i was way over!!! not the 500 i had hoped but 1,000!!!!! today i am being extra careful & will b moving my large butt around to burn some of that off!!! nxt time grilled fish & baked potato......but will still share a dessert!! lol!!! have a gr8 day everyone!!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

Oh I am so sorry about your dinner! I hate when they mess it up, I feel like they didn't even listen to me when I was ordering.
I hope you are having a good week!




6 years ago

I hate when that happens but I've learned to send it back. I never used to because I figured by the time they remade it it would take too long but I've ntoiced it comes out of the kitchen super fast when they screw up because they make it before they go onto their next orders. Especailly a "nice" restaurant. I have to pay for it so I might as well get what I ordered.
Have a great weekend Nancey. :kiss: