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Sunday, Oct 16 2011 - i win, scared the heck outta myself & the journey continues!! :-)

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for the last yr i have barely kept my wgt to 240-245 lbs........and then i didn't. i let my self go to 247 & next thing i kno i'm at 261 again, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! not lettin it happen!!!! i have worked tooooo dam hard to get HALF way 2 where i wanna b & not giving in this time!! yesterday my first day back i'm in booty camp!! lol!!!! i will stay OFF my booty,quit adding 2 my belly or i will kick my own booty, lmao!! i kno exactly wat i have NOT been doing, exercise & careful logging!!! i kno this is like a 2nd job & if i don't show up i won't get paid!
:-) in vegas i got my walk on & that's no lie........ at the same time i ate more sweets than i had in the last 3 months i think!! however bak to the positive i walked 3 times as far as alot of the people half my age in my group & could have come bak at 270 otherwise...sad but true & i am NOT exaggerating! wen i say i scared myself this is the deal.... i will bear my soul only hoping to help someone else...we went to the stratusphere hotel where atop they have 4 thrill rides. now i knew i had put on a few lbs but regardless i am still down 65 lbs from where i started, i hadn't really worried about not fitting in & wen i saw the wgt limit on the first ride was 275 at which point is the first time the thought entered my mind that i cd b too big. wen i saw that i felt confident rite up to the gate where there was a sign that showed no wgt limit but stated that u had to b able to b securely fastened into the seat. at which point i got a little concerned but remembered the wgt limit on the free fall jump 800 ft, i again was sure i wd have no prob!! BIG PROBLEM.....DIDN'T FIT by seriously 1-2 inches!! i got into the seat next to my boyfriend of 10 yrs, latched the latch no prob & then the girl came over to put on the 2nd latch after tightening down the bar & it was less than 2 inches short!!!! i as i'm sure u can imagine was embarressed for me & rob then to make matters worse i guess one of the seats is a little more forgiving & they moved me there.......still no go so i then had to get outta the seat & take the walk of shame!!!! totally sucked!!! of course, rob felt soooo badly for me & assured me he didn't care......even if he didn't I DID!!!!!!!!! if i had just stuck by wat i know & had not put that 15-20 lbs back on i wldn't have had that experience! however wat a good wake up call!!!! as crazy as it may seem i'm glad it happened, i'm glad God sent me a wake up call & believe me it takes a brick to fall on my head to get me to wake up sometimes!!! lol!!!! so i will go for now, it's time for my walk!! :-) i just want everyone out there who struggles, that u r not alone, there r sooo many of us who haven't had success without our failures in btwn....for most of us it's a series of ups & downs that if things go our way will end with more ups than downs & less & less downs as time goes on!! have a gr8 week & for me it's log, log, log!! :-)

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6 years ago

Hugs! Years ago I had to swithch seats and I cried the entier time on the ride. Hubby was great about it too. I was the one who punshied myself.
Do you know I haven't been back to that park since then and it's only 2 hrs from our home.
I hope the rest of the trip is amazing and phoey on the rides :)




6 years ago

You are gorgeous and you will get that weight off again in no time!