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Wednesday, Nov 2 2011 - wth???

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well here it is nov. 1 & i still can't seem to get it back together!! dam it!!! i have not given up & am trying to stay away from the candy but halloween is all about sugar & it's frkn everywhere then to top it off it my will power just doesn't seem to b there in a strong way these last few months!!! oh wat to do?? i am trying som new things to cut some calories & really am wanting (but not making it happen) to get some exercise in!! i have alot of extra projects for the office & on the w/e's i have to decide if i should work or exercise as i do alot at home as well & those r the things that i use to motivate the sales team so they r crucial!! i will figure this out & get bak to it i jst wish it to b now!!! lol!!! i am working on it & shame almost kept me from this blog today however i will not give in this time, i WILLMAKE IT HAPPEN!!! ok now i feel better & i will get to my day!!! best of luck to u all this wk & every wk!! Lord knows this is a battle, lucky for us it's not over till we quit!!! NEVER NEVER QUIT!!! a set back is just that a set back.........NOT A DEFEAT!!!!! xoxoxo :-)

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6 years ago

That's right- Never Quit!
Oh Halloween candy is a toughie! The more sugar the harder it is to stay away from and once you start it's hard to kick.
Sending you good thoughts! You will figure it out again! I promise you will when the time is right!