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Thursday, Nov 17 2011 - not even a wk yet!!!

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it's less than a wk since i got my groove back but dam i feel sooooo much better about myself!! lol!!! i think we all beat ourselves up wen we r not doing wat we need to do to fix our wgt issues....regardless of the size of our issue....to some 20 lbs r the 100 of another!! i sincerly hope that every one of u out there realize we all fall on times wen we just can't muster enuff control to do wat we should!!! the biggest thing to overcome is our fear of wat others may think!!! no one wants to come here & say i gained 20 lbs!!!! lol!!! but this is all about us......each & everyone of us!!!! honesty in our diaries first & foremost!!! then honesty in our blogs, our threads or forums!! there r soooo many who have traveled the same road b 4 us & they r here waiting to b able to support encourage & help the rest of us anyway possible!!!! MOST of our country should be here!!!! i read!!! lmao!!! we r not one of the few..... we r one of the many....... the many that need to b here!!! we r one step ahead of most of them cuz we r here!!! THERE IS NEVER ANY REASON TO FEEL ASHAMED OF WHERE U R!!!! we each make our journey in our own time but HONESTY WITH OURSELVES IS ESSENTIAL!!!! i think anyone who has the courage.....yes the courage to take on the battle of their bulge is AMAZING!! a tru soldier as i'm sure u will all agree this is WAR!!! jst keep fighting the good fight & the spoils will b urz in the end!!!! have a gr8 gr8 gr8 day all!!!!! :-)

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6 years ago

Great post!
Thank you for the nice comments you left me. They mean so much to me and thank you for always being there for me too!! I hope you have a wonderful turkey day!