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Sunday, Jan 15 2012 - card nite not a good nite!!

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i amaze myself sometimes!! i have had such a gr8 wk & blew it in a single nite!! saved cals all day because we had a family nite planned with a stuffed shrimp dinner & card playing after. i knew i wanted to have a few drinks so was very careful with my cal's all day & did over 2 1/2 hrs of packing up Christmas again today! we have a big house & a very big party for the holidays then we leave for vacation & take everything down the tents & tables & house decorations during the first couple wks of the new yr every yr! so i had negative points wen my daughter & her family arrived! i even measured my whiskey so i wd not b oblivious to the cal's!! was doing gr8 till my sweetie made a cheese & cracker tray for the table at prob 10:30 pm.........there went my will power!!! i ate raisin crisps & pub cheese & pistachio's then topped it all off with some chocolate balls!!! wth was i thinking!!!!!! now i am p.o.'d at myself for letting it all go!!! but back to the regiem today!!! i am sometimes.......no alot of times my own worst enemy!!! :-) just will have to b extra careful today!!! still i will count on the 80-20 rule.......as long as i eat well 80% of the time the other 20% won't hurt me!! lol!! hungry girl rule of thumb!!! have a gr8 day all & move move move!! xoxoxox

sooooo excited, just ordered zumba fitness!!! i love love love to dance & i really believe this cd b a major break thru for my exercise dilema!!! :-)

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6 years ago

Life will always happen, even after we're at goal - so, you're right - our slips will be balanced by our best efforts. Would love to know what you think of the Zumba dvd after you've tried it - I'm considering it. Cheers!




6 years ago

The calorie intake blow-out. Believe you me we've all been there. Perhaps this is the biggest struggle we have here is being constant. We can be good for weeks and weeks but then there's always that event that leads us astray. I don't know - I'm starting to think that we ought not to let that one day derail us but just know that it's going to happen because we're human. The other night I paced myself with how much I was eating (was watching a movie) but still ended up by having one more bite than I should have (and lost my green check mark to the red abyss). I woke-up the next morning and said to myself, at least you paced yourself last night. Maybe you can give yourself credit for what you did do right and build on that. Beating yourself up probably won't help a thing. Best to you, Cheryl55