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Tuesday, Jan 17 2012 - life just seems to get in the way.....

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as if my card nite with my daughter wasn't calorie hell enuff! that was the first time ever my daughter came up to my house & both she & i had time to actually sit down have some drinks & just hang out! now i find myself outta town.....again.......for a funeral this time. a girl i know (27 yrs old) had a handicapped daughter 2 1/2 whom recently fell ill & passed this last wk. i had lost touch with them after their mom my bff passed away 20 yrs ago & just recently found them on fb. in just the last 6 months since i have found them, first their granpa passed & now one of the younger kids of 6 had her little girl pass. i was blessed to have them reach out to me when their granpa passed. they had said they wd b all together in tampa & i took a 3-4 hr drive to the home they rented to c them. then wen they called to say wat had happened to chloe last wk, i was asked to read at chloe's memorial service up in st augustine. so of course not wanting to sit in the hotel room thinking of the day to come we went next door for drinks last nite!!! HUGE MISTAKE.....HUGE!!! my 2 cocktails became 4 cocktails & then the take out food!!!!! it's bad enuff after i worked like a fool & ate the best i cld the rest of the wk i gained 3 lbs & that is b 4 last nite & then hangover & breakfast buffet this morning just continued the cycle of madness!! all this after forcing my self to walk over a mile each day for the last 2 finally!!! seems i just am having a helluva time getting back to the everyday self controlled thing!!! HELP!!!! well the good news is i skipped lunch & will b getting my zumba fitness by friday so as pissed as i am at myself i refuse to throw in the towel!!!! I WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!! :-) ok feel better now that i c all this in writing & it's onward from here!!! God knows i sure hope u all are having more success than i rite now & i KNOW i will b soon too!!! xoxo :-)

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6 years ago

Don't be so hard on yourself! Take some of the emotion out of this process. You simply made a choice. That choice didn't help you towards where you want to be, but you know what to do now. Sometimes Life does get in the way, and despite our best intentions we can't stay fully on the plan. Try to focus on what you DID accomplish when you weren't in your normal routine. Give yourself a pat on the back for that, and know that it will be OK. It's a marathon that takes a lifetime to finish after all, not a sprint. Cheers!




6 years ago

This is just a bump in the road... No towel throwing just yet! :)