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i found consciousness!!!!!

Thursday, February 23rd 2012

whooo hooo!! finally when i went on this last vacation i found myself paying attention to what i ate!! :clap: whooo hoooo!!!! conscious of wat i was eating on vacation??? the thought never occured to me!!! lmao!!! :teeth1: that is just me!!! not this time.....although i did gain 3 lbs :bang: for me that is a winning situation!!! :queen: usually it is more & i don't even consider wat i'm eating!! :devil7: not this time & we were in a foodies heaven at incline vllg, lake tahoe!! several fab little chef owned euro...

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turtle & the hare

Tuesday, February 14th 2012

lmao!!! i should b the size of kate moss by now according to my calculations!!! :eyebrows: i used to eat like crap...fettucini alfredo regularly, 15 or 20 shots on a nite out along with all the coke to mix & then the bar food before home, huge portions, cake & all kinds of treats all day long, candy bars i cd go on & on & on!! now i try to move alot more & eat well most of the time & i'm still fat!!!! dam it!!! lmao!!!! guess wen i was younger i was the hare......i cd lose 100 lb...

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