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Thursday, Mar 15 2012 - omg!!!

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i just can't seem to get it together!!! yesterday was horrible for my eating, worked thru lunch which i had bought for my employees just pizza but rob had packed me a healthier lunch which i planned on eating but work on our phones happened & took 5 hrs instead of the 1 we were told it wd take, being a sales company phones are the life of our company.....so ended up eating at 2:00 walking around helping phone guy......2 pcs!!!!! then at bout 7-7:30 i was starving & still at work & ate like 500 cal's in frkn COOKIES!!!! the only thing i cd find i didn't have to prepare as i was working & trying to get home before 9 p.m. seeing as i left home just before 6 a.m.(a very late start morning)!!! i promised myself to work less this yr & work on my health instead but being the owner it doesn't always work out that way! i hate being the owner!! i talked to my better half about mayb getting up earlier & working out but i get very very little sleep now...mayb 5 hrs most nites!!! i thought about putting a treadmil in the shipping room & everyday at 3:45 doing 30 minutes then finishing up the work day which wd b another 15 minutes for employees & 2 hrs for me in my sweaty clothes??? i just don't kno how to work this out????? any suggestions wd b gr8!!! i work 12-15 hrs a day 4 days a wk??? on the 3 i'm off i have to do wat we all do at home & errands etc etc, i wont give up & i will figure this out somehow!!!! hmmmmmmmmm???????

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6 years ago

Maybe you can schedule some you time in there specifically for you to exercise. Sounds like you live a hectic life and a little time to yourself doing something good for yourself would help with the craziness. Once your staff was used to you not being there it wouldn't be an issue. You could even treat yourself to other good things during that time.




6 years ago

There you are Nancey! Glad you're still trying to master this monster. Maybe you could try taking two 10 or 15 min. breaks during the workday to walk outside, or use the treadmill - YOU call the shots - so make it happen! :hi:




6 years ago

You do have long work hours. For me working out in the morning is the best. For you especially with the long day you are having. Maybe schedule in 4 days to workout and don't make them long workouts. Just 30 minutes until you get used to it. Maybe you work out on the 3 days you have off and only 1 time on your work days. Maybe that will be less overwhelming. Once you can fit in the smaller workouts maybe you can increase from there once you feel you can.
It takes a little time to adjust to waking up a little earlier but it might help with the stress.

For eating I know it is hard when you are so crazy busy. Keep your meals simple so it does not overwhelm you to prepare. I will make a double batch of a healthy meal and bring it a few days but I don't mind eating the same thing for a couple of day.

We have a work frig and I keep Cottage cheese, fruit, greek yogurt and hummus and vegies on had all the time. That way I don't have to pack it everyday. I am not sure if you have a work frig or not. Lunches I usually bring left overs.




6 years ago

Don't forget lack of sleep affects our eating patterns and I know for me it kicks up cravings.
I think it's a great idea about the treadmill. Well, about the sweaty part, too bad there isn't a wash room. Another option is to keep a fan on yourself while you walk. I used to do that when my old company had a gym in the bldg. That way I still got my walk in but I kept cool and not as sweaty. But you can bring stuff with you to freshen up.